When will registration open? What are the details?

To avoid participants committing to expenditure too early in a still uncertain environment, registration for the 2022 Championships will not open until 3rd January 2022, and the final closing date for receipt of entries will be 7th March 2022.


The 2020 entry fees will be unchanged, which are $60 "early-bird' admin fee for those who register by 21st February 2022, otherwise the admin fee will be $110. In addition entry fees will be $20 per event.

When and where can I pick up my competition numbers?

The registration desk will open from 1.00pm on Thursday 31st March inside the ground level at the north-east corner of the Main Stadium at QSAC, where competitors can pick up their athletes handbook, competition numbers etc. Opening hours for the desk will be as follows:

Thursday              1.00pm to 6.00pm

Friday                    7.00am to 3.30pm

Saturday               7.00am to 3.00pm

Sunday                  7.00am to 1.00pm

Monday                 7.00am to 11.00am

Can I get a refund if necessary?

If illness or injury prevents you attending the championships after you have registered, you will receive a full refund upon request up to 21st February 2022. After then until the final closing date for entries a refund minus $20 admin fee will be provided. Any request for refunds after the final closing date for entries will be considered at the LOC's discretion.

What contingency plans are there in the event of lock-downs ?

Depending on how widespread the restrictions are, in the event that some states or regions are in lock-down in March/April 2022 a limited competition may be held in Brisbane for those who can attend, combined with a virtual competition for affected regions.

What Covid restrictions will apply ?

Attendance at the National Championships will be subject to whatever Covid rules apply at each venue at that time, including check-in requirements and social distancing. However we can confirm that proof of vaccination will not be required to attend the championships. For current rules at the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre, please refer to the QSAC Conditions of Entry.

What am I required to wear at competition?

All members of Australian Master’s Athletics clubs will be required to wear the singlet/top of their respective state masters athletics organisation. Please contact your state organisation to arrange this.


Members of other Australian non-masters athletic clubs are also encouraged to wear the singlet/top of their respective state masters athletics organisation. If this is not possible however, please wear a white coloured top with no promotional material on it. Stores such as Rebel and Target have these style of sports tops available.


International competitors are requested to wear the national masters uniform of their country.

Is there cool merchandise available?

Glad you asked! We've partnered with Team Elite who are the exclusive suppliers of merchandise for our championships. Check out the stylish range of gear and pre-order now.

What if I'd like to help out?

Great ! Even if you can only spare an hour or two it will be hugely appreciated. We need volunteers across a multitude of roles both on track and off  - head to the Volunteer Page and send us your details - we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Will the medals awarded be embossed "2022"?

As the 2020 Championships in Brisbane were fully prepared when the unfortunate decision to cancel this event was made, the existing (and rather elegant!) medals embossed "2020" will be awarded at the 2022 Championships. A collector's item!

How do I get from accommodation to QSAC or out-of-stadia events?

Obviously private transport will be used by many athletes, but South East Queensland has an integrated public transport system (not up with Melbourne and Sydney, but getting there!) which will allow you to plan your journeys to all events. Just purchase a "go card" when you arrive - available at most newsagents, convenience stores and railway and bus stations. Purchase your desired amount of credit (plus $10 refundable deposit), then tap on at your departure and tap off at your destination. Further information can be obtained on the go card website, and plan your journeys using the handy Translink Journey Planner.


I have a hire car - where can I park and how much will it cost?

QSAC has ample free parking available on site, and the out-of-stadia events will also have plenty of on and off street parking.

Daylight Saving?

Southerners - we (generally!) have more than enough sunshine up here and will be 1 hour behind you when you arrive, up until Sunday the 3rd April. So if necessary please adjust your timepiece when you arrive.

What are the rules for track and field event spike lengths and types for QSAC?

The only spike permitted for use on the track at QSAC are the Christmas Tree and Pyramid shape variety.

For all training and competition the spikes must confirm to these rules;

  • Track spikes must not exceed 7mm

  • Field spikes must not exceed 9mm except for Javelin and High Jump which must not exceed 12mm