Welcoming Ceremony - Friday 1st April

A short Opening Ceremony of 10-15 minutes will be held on completion of the 800m finals.


Coaching Forum on RELAYS - Thursday 31st March 4.00pm

Where?  In the Track and Field room next to the registration desks

Presenter: Harry Giles - Athlete and with many years experience as a Coach


Coaching Forum on RELAYS Revisited + Practical Session - Friday 1st April 4.00pm

Where?  Initially the Track and Field room next to the registration desks, then on the track

Presenter: Harry Giles

Athletes' Forum - Saturday 2nd April 3.30pm

Where? In the room next to the registration desks

Why? To be brought up to date with AMA Actions and for Athletes to ask questions and bring concerns to the AMA Board

Catering? Yes, drinks and nibbles


Social Function with AMA Award Presentation - Sunday 3rd April 5.30pm

Where? Next door to the Registration desks

Tickets? Need to pre purchase so catering numbers can be finalised

Dress Code? From track suits to dressing up

Note: Very social and not be a formal sit down dinner function

Presentations: To Hall of Fame Recipients

Presentations: To AMA Athletes of the Year 



Information Desk

Information will be available in the Registration Room, which will be clearly signposted



Live results will be available. Details will be available nearer to the championships.


Massage Services

Pain Free Fitness is providing their services to athletes. Charges will be at $1.00 per minute with a minimum period of 15 minutes. Depending on the needs of athletes there will be up to 4-5 therapists available across the first 3 days of the championships. You can Book Online or scan the QR code below to pre-book their services. Alternatively you can book a session onsite at the track, with payment options accepted via credit card or cash.


Medical Assistance

First Aid will be at trackside and at the First Aid Room behind the computer room at the finish line end of the track.  At the Non-Stadia events First Aid will be available near the start/finish areas.


Hospital Services

QE11 Hospital, Kessels Road Nathan


Medal Engraving

An engraver will be on site each day and charge $6.00 per medal.


Food and Drink

QSAC has an official caterer who must be utilised at all sporting functions at the facility. The canteen is at the finish line end of the track.




Only accredited photographers are allowed in the arena. Athletes or their friends and relatives may take photographs of races from outside the arena. A medal dais will be available for athletes to use for their own self arranged photos. There will be no formal medal presentations.



Merchandise will be on sale from a table adjacent to the Registration area on the Thursday.  On Friday and Saturday the merchandise will be available on entry to the competition track, the corner behind the 1500m start. Athletes who had pre-purchased merchandise will be permitted to swap for a different size subject to availability.


Warm Up

Warming up for track events will be on the main oval of the facility. Athletes will be able to move from the warm up area directly to the call room in front of the registration area.


Water Stations

Water will be provided for the 10,000m, cross country and 10km road walk. For cross country and road walk, athletes may leave drinks bottles on the table for their own use.


Officials and Volunteers

In order to be easily recognised, competition officials will wear a distinctive coloured shirt. Volunteers will be wearing a different coloured shirt.


Arena Safety

Only officials and competitors are allowed on the track area inside the boundary railing. Only officials and field event competitors are allowed on the infield. Competitors and officials must move around the outside of the track when proceeding from one side of the ground to the other.


Medal Presentations and Special Awards

The first three Australians in each event will receive medals. Masters athletes from other countries, if placed, will also receive a medal. Field event medals will be presented on conclusion of the event at the event site. Track medalists will collect their medal from the  medal tent. These will be available approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of each track event.


Special awards will be presented for:


Champion of Champions Sprint Male & Female


Champion of Champions Throws Male & Female


Royce Foley Award Male & Female – for best score by an Australian in the Throws Pentathlon


Brian Foley Award – for best performing male or female in the 800m or 1,500m


Athletes of the Year for 2021 will receive their awards at the Social Function on Sunday 3rd April.

Competition Rules

AMA Championship Rules

IAAF Competition Rules

IAAF Technical Rules

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